Brain Strain

Tuesday, May 16th


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I'm pretty Madonna warning was teary bar world famous greens drain question your book awesome prize for this morning. He Jung is Darden setter 25 dollar gift card just in time for Mother's Day. What is the most popular board Nemo. Of all time calls with the correct answer is 6641949. And win the the green screen WL it's very strange calls execs. Or 194 unanswered question what is the most popular board game of all time. Oh good yes I love that gas as well doesn't work there I would that was said monopoly on the correct answer but good try to meet you happy Friday. To illustrate 36641949. To answer the question if you only answer to what is wrong. Their green and what is the most popular yeah. Of all time. Our. Children. And we know. The death again WR screens strange succeeds or 19400. What is the most popular. For fourteen. All time. Monopoly. Money is there is ten happily you know they have a chance monopoly they have a Madison monopoly should. They've gone off into ten million different kinds of monopoly on in a customized it for survey sure hallows Kindle and for banking and slinky yes yes I can handle the eastern unless it's the wrong answer not strong even called out slow learning things here on the gods then. Thanks a lot. WLX brings straight sets 641. ID 49 in the question what is the most popular working full time. Or maybe you're a reasons alone or not she should he added definitely should be yet another guess is we're getting monopoly the. Another thanks for Collins six explorer one out of 409 WOX green street question what is the most popular working full time. Or checkers. Romo. Pieces from an athlete issues for checkered and yeah people still play checkers he just fine good yeah. Six cents or 13490 CW on its brain strain what is the most popular board game of all time. KUNU. I my niece I don't think she plays anymore is it 3040 goes oh yeah. You will hold tight she loved meg. They didn't update you with that Aetna Aetna classic hit sank four point nine WO Lex thinks you're trying our green strange question if seeks extraordinary 1949. What is the most popular board game of all time and continues through visits and other biggest hole will not Henne and bonds that unfortunately another right his opinions but if you are now all I'm saying thanks for try didn't think that W all extreme strain six explorer 194 and what is the most. Popular board game of all time chose. That is that is. Error and I'm. You're laughing and I love bed at weddings since. Yes I do and I. I mean an oval and au prince. Yeah that's something. While there's a lot of kids that still learning compete which is really cool. Yeah I've changed people's shows as much about air. I think I don't share gains very pleased but goodwill don't think anybody come away eager sort of called wonderful game ever made. Only tell us your cruel thing you were doing man I'd like your name Kodak and let them you aren't. Charlie.