Brain Strain

Monday, May 8th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Olin lacks time for the McCoy in the morning with Terry Barr world famous brings strange question this morning. Towards western goes like this. One in five of us admit to having done this at some time. All via our self. What do we know 6641949. Your Mittal some prize this morning the new Barry Manilow CD. This is my talent songs in New York City Norris to win with door correct green screen answer WLX rays training call 66. Florida Lana nine point 9 into custody this morning wanna find those in need to have you done this openness of went up both slept all golden. For god yes. I know it's such a puppet. A period of February you know in the end so all of my previous green street clothes and stuff. OK Peter Berger but that's not baseball. Quality and. That there had been under its own plans on succeeds him one and it's. Constantly think. Yeah I mean I sent expires. It's. On and off yeah. It's this is gonna be scandal. 6641. Before denying me you know the answer to that question more than five of us about this all by ourselves I would agree guru who. And then. And I don't think that's a big deal do you do you other northern Colorado are all. Well I ice is ice digger more popcorn for me. Yeah I'd feel pretty up and ask me to go with an idea how. Louisiana doesn't work in 66 more one on court I can do it eat your greens drain and I answered the question one in five of us have done this. We admit to having done this all by ourselves god probably go to a movie and. And for that it's yours and not only are you Jim Jim is right do you have a problem do you do that earth. Yeah are you some data is now that I begin to see the movie more if you're not yet it was important. There's a button and may god the bad role model it. Don't feel like six or trying to raise during this morning's six explore why not before nine. Once I must admit to having done this all by ourselves fighting days you don't loan at a restaurant. Eagle onerous. It that that makes clear answers and it's you know I sit here every title and nobody is somebody with your personality I'm not recently yeah. He did not happen her much at all to haul I think Joe's gonna ask if you. Good lord they don't you all X 664194. And number to call for the greens are in question we'll be the answer did you witness Barry Manilow CE. Once I must admit to having done this alone. What could be cater to cater buyers are you all Frontline does that all I know. Hercules and I think that's cool I think it can be very relaxing cool guest thanks for trying to forget you at 6641 hour before and I wanted finalists admit to having done this. All by ourselves thought they Asian island now that's a new popular answer you in the last person. I'm off the new content for now we could set people not only for movies but now we can set people up. (%expletive) together and dinner good. Yeah a 66419493. String question and answer this morning warning drivers admit to having done this alone. Good morning good morning what do they mean I think it's getting drunk getting drunk the law. I grieve alone like feel your Harley guy is George there are goods Huff hit hit hit hit it. Let alone handle Obama still sentencing. Not his sand is making all by yourself dear. That's pretty good. She is and it's getting drug ever having their. Yeah. That's good stop it that it W like sprain strains its explorer one hour before her who did you call. Question is why I wanted to I must admit to having done this. All Meyer lonesome by ourselves. We didn't. A wedding. Thing wedding cake tasty oh how is this something you're doing right now now you are. It's like the most interesting answer we hasn't. What did that when you have to be getting married to do that has not write his duties extended its. The free groceries or sample and Texas and I'll have one. And three. 641 ID 491 in five listening to him on this by herself as what you think. I'm thinking World Cup here. Talk too low now that happens in here if I thought it I don't. Some days I just think that's probably pretty quick. Here you that the big rear golf I listen and you know I appreciated tearing through six or 194 and I wanted I admit it. To having done this all by ourselves. How we started out kind of but scandalous anomaly that taken us or are you earlier Larry woods you're okay all right legal gay caller yeah I'll go ahead. Hello I was a gym was getting worried more budget their budget. Let me cover conflicts of classic gets out of four point nine W Alexi greasy green street hotline and who could see things work. What I wanna I wanna golf I must admit to having done this by ourselves. I'm trying to think I'm going to struggle with Carolina I'm so what are you doing right now. It's. An hour. That's sad and we're really glad our calls it greed and that's okay you. Have a seeking notes and I W all extreme strain succeeds or 19 point nine and number com. Yeah you need your answer to this question what do I must admit to having done this on herself. We do want to let your own business and quick hook and can cause I don't think anyone admits that security. On that should be are correct answer. I'll just got it man good guess so yeah it's. 6641949. W elects the greens drain wanted to find listen didn't having done this all by herself. I don't like three agenda and that's what I. And food. And to me you. I think all of our. A board game they aborted it a little whore or a card game a solid technical and. Good good yes all try again try again half we'd like to hear your other answers. You have think UW all exits 6641 on corner I answer this. Puzzling Britain scrutiny isn't it wanted to I must admit to having done this all via ourselves I. Parents it's alone who appeared to Billy Idol song we play. Tell your wallet Billy Idol. And didn't. Little sleep day I had no idea Greg that would get us and a. Maybe they each year old WRX racer AC 64100 former. Morning I am. No allele and that's the new popular here who believe are nice and light you know that's a great answer drilling and Obama about it yeah. There you can do it now. Takes a lot should you I don't have a great day my idol. Since salt. WL elect's brain strain CC 219491. In five of those admitted having done this all by himself. Alerting when somebody wording was so I mean you don't think you yeah I'm. Sure he can look at it. Did not thought he did a great. Job I had 6641 on you and I wanted to find who has admitted to having done this all by ourselves. And every children needing a dinner for two would want it appears that. He need again more and more food for a. And remember good gas. Alone. Is a clue. How I think I can't keep Ryan. Six explorer one night before and I with a burning analysts CD on the minds are correct answer and we'll get there he wanted fun does admit to having done this all by ourselves. We got a lot of our traveling shorter food and yeah the payload of searing summer. The certificate mobile open. As much as I look at each other wondering like to even ask if anyone has actually done that would admitting. Yeah we all as do you guys get the right answer but can we get the inspiration. If it did an excellent day and united Internet yeah. WRX breeds street 6641. On one on one of fun listening to be on this. All by ourselves what do you think eating are hoping that I treat. Well all we are dance in Iraq and that's it. One weird dance and around the I would actually do that before the real answer the only. I don't doubt Barack yeah they can go to gather Jindal again this I don't know there's a war that would completely give this away and yes you know you are saying we're. Not yet been. Aboard a W I sprains strains that still. Yeah I don't six season or one out of Florida and one in five of us admit to having done this all by themselves for the we've been doing all along. I won't consider nitrate. Only people we like our racecar yeah. How okay wears silk we are so close on so close at W all like screens strains execs wanted to or nine. When we finally gives as. It is answering gonna find it very amusing and what do you think it is one in five of us do this lived on this alone my answer I think I don't know sorry certain not to go to the movies. All it is that actually has been a very popular answer here with just a good and that's cool flu can do that two point. But it opera or the Nadal. And that's it. Yeah 2664194. Guys you've restrained your answer to that question wanted to I must admit to having them all alone. Hard Peter Graves. Nall whole whole whole shifting ice cream managers the end they can meet our ice cream oh yeah something like that TN. Yeah I Irene thanks for your attempt. 66449. Men. One in finalists admit to having done this all financial. He'll probably pretty little thing I'm. If should be my answers and Italy I don't think it ever one has already acting mint chocolate chips my favorite. Like Hillary they just got a little cookie doesn't. In June 6641 hour before I'm trying to solve the strains treated any definitely one of finalists and it's getting done this all by herself any. Dining hall and the apparel our audience only Smart Terry you're somewhat scandalous. Yeah. Audiences we're gonna get nobody like this month. Yeah. W all X brings strange thanks for Colin 66419490. Heard the question this morning yeah 11 by Bloomberg that the bottom vocal thanks for doing my job for me kicker. Donna and I and I think it's really what is your answer that's our edited by Barbara Byrd didn't recruit all the head of the. It brings the person I know that's a good action well why doesn't she and don't say how. Digging them earlier on good guess may not not it didn't think I if I agree do you have thanks for calling what the answer and the question architect at. And then it W all CC sort of 199 and her friends which lingers on this morning wanted finalists admit it. Having done this all oval. The end of pregnancy where. All on your and your sewing. Oh well wishes she won't she. The moon. They can do for leading us dollar break opposite end of pizza something new which eat after pizza yeah. I didn't believe it at that. Lina couldn't volunteer W likes brain strain is this an unsolvable question is 66431. I'd be for an item one a lot most admit to having done this. All by herself it's all part. Mary. Hey I didn't hear a pop. It kicked it all lied about it lets the actually very accurate is that I've done those of. I mean net ice cream that goes with the pie but not. Yeah with Thanksgiving rolls rod you break up the prompt and why am I am I'm looks like a hot hot.