Brain Strain

Thursday, May 4th


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Classic hits got a four point nine W Alexa the world famous mug on the morning with Terry Barr green strange question this morning. With a mug awesome prize the Barry Manilow this is my town CD songs and New York for you to win the peace with your correct answer. To this question. Unfortunately you people say. They're partner would rather do this then be romantic. Curb Bardner would rather do this. The need romantic moment. He was call 664149. With your brains for any answer WR. He's boring gray street clashes 4664194951%. Of couples would rather do. You're. Way ahead for the fact that the W all ex braves drinking in cars at 194 and I. Percent of couples would rather do this indeed romantics. Are are birdie roll call for a long. On all the she's yeah. That's more fun than being an honest on any of their 6641 hour before nine brings strange phone number here and 51% of people see their partners are brother do this and be romantic. Jodi stuff. Yeah. And Darren and I understand and I doubt that that's not the answer but does it really answered that's a good guess on the makes yeah. But I think it did not think they try do you OWL it's pretty strange call 6641 honey for nine with your answer 51% of people say they're partners are brother do this then then get roaming into morning. Sleep sleep is the most popular answer so far there. Handed is not the right a little money like it this funny 66419. Point nine answered every three questions one languages. 51% of people see their partner would rather do this thing get Roma had to go to John. That might be jam he loves to go to the day all you others point there is that nitrous oxide a success if you keep it neat yeah. Cancer molecular just in retirement. All good morning thanks for playing along with a brain strain that's thinks he's 641949951%. Of people say they're there they're partner would rather do this didn't Indy roaming the two aren't bit aren't too long you think Christine and some people save their partner doesn't wanna talk at all. Shah and so all good though big iron. It's so it's added it's a brilliant Italian did not the right answer but I'm trying to get eight year old are you there. Everybody W let's brain strained LC 641949. If you don't answer the question of 51% of people see their partner would rather do this in the room and and relaxed TV rather watch TV nor another good guest here thanks for trying. He speaks. Or who. Hello pot yeah I. Know are you. And I'm. Sitting and as you're. I'm your colleagues couldn TV show us how lol. The thing is it's. What is your what is your answer war. 100 Smartphone meaning all areas. And that's in. A little happy as I was just looking out buying for the temperature yeah. Yeah. And gosh I am the dares husband. Pan am not you nearly boom that's the dragons in western and very well put out.