Brain Strain

Friday, April 21st


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Classic hits got a four point 9 W elects McDonald morning Jim god teary bar with a brain strain questions this morning your prize winning gives it correctly their tickets to see John Mellencamp and there was gas is safe here on this fourth 8 PM it's a Friday show this is the one item people are most likely to Biden in the rock and size you know that answer call us now 6641. Out of 49 in a win that the WOMX. Greens stream audio like sprains strains 66. Forward looking forward I would like to call that number. Body in the wrong this time. Bob made numerous. This is voluminous than a I say being in pain. Size fits all the danger although he's. Need little clip that you all extreme screen 66418. Or nine it is the top right of people are most likely to high eight. On time. The guy saying these silly answers is now. W all these great strain 6641949. Easy. Top item people are most likely to buy in the wrong sides IRI a greater bra and also. Yeah Terry what is guys. That's OK you don't always you know I play this week if it's not sorry I didn't tell you only see these strange. The number of college she just did sixty score on ninety point nine top item people are most likely to buy the wrong size and and bring with it. Yeah so there is a good guess there. Far better than the other ones and school wanting to play along with a brain strain unethical Q a little. W Rolex brain strain called 664194. Manages to win the Mellencamp steadier tickets to answer the clashing directly. He's the top right of people are most likely divide. In the wrong size. You're underwear doesn't sound very comfortable although it doesn't you know. WR screens straight sets 6419 B form 9 question this morning. I used a top flight of people are most unlikely divide the wrong side stop our friends over there. Through all the analysts. That's not units but this hole right on me. Call me my house just off the wrong sized one in our furnace the last set it wouldn't that the such. As the player I don't tell us. Terry good or did you not tell this week. Thank you for calling W dollars a race six explorer won them or not he's. I don't Diebler most unlikely to play in the wrong side of us. Underwear underwear again. All against Clinton and Edwards are just war. W elects three straight since nine point nine. I don't. Yeah it would be. Steelers in the I'd really love. I voted yeah. And we should tell you. Your body do. All I hear you're gonna see John Mellencamp.