Brain Strain

Thursday, April 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WR Lex but not a morning Jim solitary bar this morning's brain strain question for the day after. Tax day. Above 8% of Americans will use their tax refund to purchase. What. We think and it is and 6641949. You're correct yes scores you and John Mellencamp concert tickets free show at the was Kansas state fair. August 4 he was a college you're correct brain straight answer and win right now. WR likes great strain succeeds. Or 1949 yeah. I'm pretty fun for once. They're quite appropriately and. Yeah I can tell you really still love your ex wife and yeah credit. I don't cobbled yeah. Oh yeah your slice braves are 8664191. They didn't let them call who she is or whatever I can't wait to talk to her. 8% of people user tax refund to purchase one is. And pelted the idea great idea now that would be a good idea. A good idea popped up as that it doesn't thanks for trying and I should probably think about that one addition. Recently and for that money losing 60198 or nine W elect's green street questioned 8% of people you'll lose. They're tax refund or want all. Each of the past her to get an idea for that does not the writing answered go night rather at all. Our pay nothing ventured nothing gained after it stinks to try to try WLX rays series six explorer one out of 49 number to call. Question in his 8% of people we use their tax refund the purchase once. And the chiefs who are leading answers it'll it is it is wrong answers. I don't know I know sorry I try and he got money coming back to be doing is spending aloha. 6641949. Over the green strange question this morning 8% of the people user refund the purchase warrant. A car. My car from these people are very practical kinds light Canty back. It's a lot of listeners that that's not even that's going in thinks political leanings or try new 360. Are one out of 49 W alleged marine strain on the day after tax DD. Didn't go real firm greater quarrel dole premium full colonel are you fool all 8% of people to use a refund the purchase. What's. Under terms the metal mesh picture bits of stuff pull their money in May be our parents. Not in men go against. Oh I'm sorry and thanks for final line 664198. Or nine the number to call the you'll looks great street Hamm of what is your answer to that question 8% of people. We use their tax refund this year for this. I'm Wendy Holden movement and other green ideas that might imply that answer very much it's not if it's your true inspiration. And Diebler gives him money to get up. Are not able to do you think you know. Aren't aren't good to hear your voice WLX green screen 66419. Point 98%. Of people don't use that. Tax refund checks for one hour. I don't try our. TV years some gadgets like can I a lot of people like she do that but not. This particular one of you know I would tell the critical thing that I wish I was getting a refund guys give me some really good idea it's it's. Think Tina back yeah yeah. Hit it stinks to be you buddy thing yeah six war looks. 19490%. Of people gonna spend their tax refund check once. And got. Character ticket. Concert tickets is the answer how we've been surgical how did you guess that spot that it can't you ads or give it away and got into. We are any biggest what do I do think it's would have to spend your refund on yeah. She's. You're gonna Malick cam for free. Well yeah. What is your name rappers that.