Thursday, April 20th


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Welcome to me and that god in the morning any timing and it is Terri and jam and we're so happy to welcome into the studio today. I her with a maximum ink music magazine. Rack I entered with Sharon himself happy to have you joining us you are celebrating. A pretty big anniversary with maximum ink tell us about it. Well here we go again it's 21 now this time sort. We're gonna have a big party come announce. Some Thursday April 20. It's going to be Harvey distillery I'm 63 cloning has been road. And every year now I'd bring out all the old archives from maximum me over the 21 years of history annaly amount for all the people. Come down and they can come down to the distillery. And read the papers tomorrow looks room. And the amazing thing to me about that is that you really bring back a lot of memories 21 years worth of memories in the Madison music scene. And eat a lot of the memories are stocking your head you don't realize simple when you see an ad you see a story you see a band name you see a person's name. Memories has come flooding back and and so the conversation. Around all the magazines. Is really I think one of the most fun parts. And we're gonna have double as barbecues is gonna bring down some brisket for us emirates Hamilton differences and electoral marketed and we're gonna have live music from the civil engineers. Mean the whole party goes from five to 10 PM and the civil engineers play about 830 so it's it's nice and early you know people can get out and have a good time. I want to ask you because you've been showing Jim and I. Two boxes and an answer this how tired he had a very small sample of what you have but when you yourself kind of bombed. Look through what you've got here rocker what what do you think about when you see these. Wow well I. I created every single one of the issues so I remember a lot of the things in all of that go into it does the stories behind giving the bans. A lot of the bands that we had on our. Covers especially in the early years were really up and coming bands. You know especially lately GG over mainly. Ministries seven douse corn. It's slipped nine disturbed. And we were catching those fans Kid Rock we are catching those bands when they're first coming out first making the jump. And so we're right on the forefront of you know make you seem to happen so that was pretty cool medicine means something to the music scene doesn't it. Madison is agreed city for music I think demand essence music scene is really unique among a lot of music scenes and I've seen. That I've traveled to where you know you really have a crowd the fan base at Lowe's. Original music and then you have you know university and the politics here's C get a lot of creative people that come in and out of Madison to really. I think creates some amazing music and it just keeps ebbing and flowing every year and like I've been doing maximum make for 21 years and there's always been great fans there's always been great places to play Madison is just a great city for art and music. Coffee made it 21 years. And a lot of music magazines can can say that and even the ones that have been a long time. We've seen them change a lot of maybe not in the best way leaves. Well I eat. You know it it was just me in my. Business partner blackened hands so it's a very small base and we have a very small group of people that can help us out. So I think that makes it different than those larger media be Gimenez. It's sort of half you probably have to have a lot larger budgets so. We're of the Madison music scene nicely dedicated to that it's you know and my love now for thirty years and 21 of them doing. The magazine and others playing in bands and helping me and him and helping people really jump I'm here I mean. We've seen a lot of artists. You don't use Madison has as. A place where they were economy here and branch out and leave here and and become larger and larger artists across the nation so. It's just agreed breeding ground for music. Some new law. Easy venues coming on board to rocker Adam Frank's gonna build a new music that he sees room for expansion even a broader local music scene of silvery. Well I guess. I guess I see that pulled. You don't really watch area that kind of area east of the capital as our a new music cord or I mean you have so much happening on release street. Now you have three Stephens coming into it frank productions playing just a giant. Role in that now they're purchasing their high noon and they're gonna build facility. And so I think date. You don't I don't think you can have enough in Madison I think that if if you have something that people want a C dot com want to see you. And if you don't. They won't so it keeps us on our toes or you know we have the picture that we're put him. The promoters and suffer putting together good shows that are gonna attract people. People but Madison's agree music city saw as the interest if dad's incredibly instinct and news own. Don and I'm. East Washington there is just. You know really common alive and it's really gonna. Put in Madison on the map and now we have the between the waves festival coming. Which is kind of a singer songwriters. A conference it's you don't going to be similar I think in some ways to. A SXSW. Like that we say similar but not the same because I think the goal is to make it better and well. You know Madison will never be Austin if you've ever been to SXSW. Plan. It's restaurant restaurant my musical avenue N news or use any restaurant menu many venues you know I mean we don't have that all. And two blocked space in Madison bought. We do have a lot of clubs that are very easy get to and somewhat close to each other. And so I think that there's a lot of room to do something really to a Mets Roy welcomes counsel brought cameras handyman a lot of cool people work from that. That's coming up in June and and Jim will definitely be talking a lot more about that to. The you also enjoy a you know you're talking about the future of Madison to do you enjoy kind of pushing toward that future and and helping younger people in the area realize that yeah we immigrant past but the future is really coming on now. Well you know I mean you're driving so you guys. You gotta look out the front windshield you know over the dashboard great you know but every now and then it's due to take a look at the review earlier and see what's going on back there I got them from going to our Google. Ban. It's yours aren't markets. That's exclude that. Good what is on for you about looking ahead what you season is so posits. It. I mean you know do do music scene and the billions. Every day I mean I don't know tomorrow. There's going to be a new band you don't even know what they are yet. But they're going to be awesome yeah I mean they're gonna be really good band there are busy right now talking to each other having a good time. And we're gonna see that music in a month a year two years you know he. And and so that's like you know and helping those fans kind of as much as possible to me to get recognition and T to be treated. With respect. You know that's one of the big things with a booking that would fast and would fassel is is coming up in July. And I have been doing the booking there for fifteen years on two stages. And that's one of the things we like to really treat his musicians like musicians are not secondhand citizens are common in between specialty and there's its music its art is what inspires us. If if we lose what inspires us how do we become inspired. What is a day after that I haven't I don't need more than ever. Well OK so there's that would fast and oh my gosh I think I can attest to how fabulous that festival ends. I I do and ask you and I told GM. A little bit it's my reference TU is sort of as Dion. Island and and don't laugh but I kind of call you the music historian. In a way because so much of what you have you have capped. And you make it available at these parties for people deceit. And again you know we sort of laughed about OK the past is in the review mean or whatever but. Why is so important to keep this alive and how proud are you of being able to do witness wild and work contracts and. And I could say about it is you wouldn't believe how much history are forgotten. All right I mean sometimes. Hi I the only thing that I can do this kind of look back and some of these older issues because that's where it's documented. And that's where you know those memories come alive but I will tell you one really interesting ways. That archives of the magazine has worked. So just recently that you W. Called up and rain slicker. The professor there has a class and they were doing a study. I'm. Police calls in the Madison area to buy music venues. And then there are over since 20082. At president and then there are trying to look at whether there's a correlation between. On genres of music and whether it be generated more or less police calls or just you know what it was. And other study is is still underway please be released one part of it and I will be getting data for it. But the interesting thing was is that what you needed to do was tie of the police costs of live music venue and the -- to Russell who was playing at the live music and you and I. While they started searching around trying to find anyone who went in Internet throughout their looking you know for this information and one David ended up calling me up may signal this is what we're looking forward looking for. Some clubs go back to 1996 so we have ours and we get everything so they were able to take. Many goals of the information that they haven't tie they should the police call with the show and they and continue on with their studies so we actually. Team. At least he's you know neither resource and nobody else really had documented in the fashion. In one place where you can look all of them out. So awesome honestly. While immunity in actually impressed me the third it would use. Of the archives in that way. It matters. How how how the confines. I don't you know it is a big if they're still analyzing data and it takes is it goes over a couple of semesters so they have different students working on me it's a really total large project. We'll have you back to talk about it when you get there is Al going to be also curious you know under the rubble. I just wanna encourage everybody I've had a chance to go through these vials rocker headed. Terrific twentieth anniversary party last year. So this is twenty wine and in Ireland which on the spot that are even do this every year now. Well I think so you know I I think there's. I think they know once we got to twenty years I thought here here is a piece of time twenty years it's it's time event. Segment of times I thought we you know we need to do this now every year where it does no good in my basement. You know. And yeah. Nobody's seen you know is so at least once a year just like him and artful. You know a piece of art and put it on display and have people come and take a look at it and and see this stuff because once you close up media put away everybody forgets about it. You know and it's easy to forget it's easy to go on with your life regarding your John Minko you don't see bands and I'll also and before you know. When when user history is behind ya and how do you remember at all. It ha ha what a document that details again Thursday night's party there to back in April 20 five to 10 PM hand ya Harvey distillery and that's on 6250 mass pit road. And we'll have. The party starts at five who serves on my double as are Hewitt six we'll have cake for a metro at eight and we'll have those civil engineers really did funky soul. Rhythm and blues kind of a band moved jazzy they're going to be playing at 830. And an off finishes up by ten and you can know his views. Yet to come doctor at the distillery. This beautiful art gallery there it's a great time there's there's not a part of their season tees the products and you can buy drinks and it's just a really really fun time. Celebrate 21 years of Madison music and rocker and maximum ink music and. Magazine. Jim anything for me I wish you another at least when he yeah I know how. I mean it's necessarily need to slice of mammoths and history. I mean you never you never start out. Will anything a business really so he'll. Beazer for twenty years so it's it's kind of it's kind of a fond. Look at backseat day while that's a lot of work but it was well worth and we never. Contract and I'll have details but it walked in the door every day when font color to it. Started the rocket thanks so much for coming excellent thank you guys it's been a lot of fun this is varying interest in thinking. And congratulations. Hugh 41 your legal hot I. Yeah.