Brain Strain

Friday, April 7th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WL it's not on the morning to the military barn brings string questions morning 60% of us cannot remember. This number. Phone number ought we remember this number to call for the bring it straight 6641949. Again 60% of us cannot remember this number. You're correct answer good for tickets to see Jim litter music of Lennon and McCartney this Sunday. And be soft hurry river heard senator period tickets for you with your correct. Brain straight answer right now W all Alex W all spring training succeeds or. No 190s when minorities when we're good when you feel lucky. They're out of my players were easier to explain it it was a legitimate and enough and I'm excited about it yeah. Yeah. Ex wife Susan there. Oh yeah. Not here then and diluted. I don't. I can't succeeds or want to beat Florida and dancing great strengths to the question is sixty to seventy. There's going to be a lot of muscle pain. I'm up at eight I don't street and just so old street address them. Let's do it line while it's an excellent disappointing not to one with more voted against the homeland. Thank you don't W Rolex greens greens are explorer 1949. Earned 60% of us that's a lot of us remember whose numbers you can. Hard rocker and Harvard school. Another good guest here you dance. That is the that is not it could name a few extra innings for ticket than anybody Aaron but did. And I think you love you man WL I saw green screen 664194. And new number to call for instance and it's. That I asked the question sixty Chris Voss for 60% of us cannot remember this number so. Pretty common a lot of us don't remember this number what are they hadn't figured they're scared quality guest. His wife's weight to its yes let's get captain and I'll mistreated travels street address what he does say. And I. Dear picker page your kids EOK boom that's an easy one to forget that is yeah it's as if you're the woman in the Shula all those kids includes. Let's go to Lou and guys that filed. Twenty years younger than me don't you people can what I remember my age so that's good. All that's a really Secretary General are you dressed RD drive WL it's brain strain it's 664194960%. Of us cannot remember this number what was that number beaten the rethink what you think to this question in our random number. All it did yeah. I asked that if I don't remember might remember York's. Why Iran now has not declined thus not the answer but that's a good guess if it on the phone bank and good try good try thanks for try and WL extreme strain called six explorer. 19 Ford I'm here answer the question 60% of us can not remember these numbers. Global security number Social Security to move another good guess but not yet have really do not get hot W dogs race 366419. Point nine fixed Collins. There's Terri a gym or you'll. Lowell cherry too good does a 67 is no shame in this answer to 60% of us don't remember from this number we think it is politely let our license plate number is the current. Yeah. Actually act surprised when people get the answer correct. We want to drag the go yeah. Had wow now do you know your license plate but you don't have to tell you know I. It does well it went after writing down you always up to run back out and then try to remember a year after nine now they. You guys talk about this I don't remember lining her. Don't you half I think I remember an old license plate better than I remember my current one I don't know why she completes. We didn't you and I stolen and you go to see The Beatles long and winding roads like a tribute from. Gym leader in this Sunday that the soccer prairie river art center. It's a skirt gorgeous place. In yeah. It's like at 2 o'clock show I think we read so what a great day to go over their spouse to be really nice. Nice story out of great strain man what's your name Jerry all right Jeremy booksellers didn't give Florida.