Brain Strain

Wednesday, April 5th


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The classic hits 94 point nine W Rolex world famous green stream questions warning could win new tickets for the Salk river art setter in the long and winding road the music of Lennon McCartney this Sunday with Jim what are. Question this morning it. 6641. Not before nine mid 6500. People are injured by these every single year 6500 injuries from this. Every year is your brain strain question W all likes great strain 66. Or 19 point nine yeah. The people who are ladies every year do you do on your hands on it is. It yeah. Geez W all street straight 66419. Point nine and former 6500. Vikings tonight. And under inflated ball to play good football not. The likely clear WX 3366419. A lot of statistics. It didn't go oh I don't got I would hurt do you think I don't lose evil answers zero. It's not in the states for trying these are like did losing things yeah. Yeah yeah I've heard this. I haven't you always great streak of 66419. Point nine. Planes and 6500 people every year. Well I've heard a week. They're kind of. And all. People answers here this morning. Hope my W all I sprains strains evolve our new number and a stolen 66419496500. People injured by these every. There aren't I don't know what number in your soul who works and it's. Probably not far off either does move into college WR like sprain strain an article these deeds 6641949. Or number I think you forget Matt Lawrence and who have been 6500 people injured by these each and every year -- I think you get. All out she. Oh. Including and that that the most interesting. Are what college and enterprise for the most interesting and it's. And it just hurts my ears are you aware that non though Steve thanks for trying now 66 or one eye for an eye for the greens to read answers 6500 injuries. Every year from him. Did you hear it like I walked in the bike not a good ball doesn't match. Kids oh my god does a great great guess benighted and hopefully suffering and that's memories and did you did the Internet at W all I. Brain strain is 66419496500. Injuries reported every year from the east. There are or is the correct my half cup office picked the correct answer. At last Ed have you have you Ben injured by a pillow tell us. Didn't know. I can't remember I hardly Soledad exactly Terry and I were pondering this big pillow fights neck injuries what what it. Headaches. Actually grew there now this home he'd each. Yeah yeah note I I've been doing a little research it's true guess what would be wrong is a big one neck pain headaches for pregnant a hundred years probably eaten. It up and then it classifies as an injury but when I looked up LLC plates. I'm not I'm not not not just because I thought I should. Yes people have been injured in all of until this I financiero reminder yeah. I. Barely a whack Hewitt does a little bit at the old college dorm injury is severe falling on the floor. And yeah yeah yeah. Oh what's your name my Indian city nice going on their brains yeah. New Beatles music dancing and he's. I have an attorney mark some current and old Omar Al worked out nicely in. Senior go to CEO Jim what are the long and winding its own assignments.