McGaw In The Morning Podcast

Wednesday, April 5th


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Like to do I love research I really do always have and I happen to see the words do you live in a stressed out state. And it meant you know where you lived as Speedo Wisconsin or California not in like your personal. Being. But hey you know us it it turns out it live being in Wisconsin for all of us. We're number forty to do so we'd actually a fall into the least. Stressed out states and chill for chill Peewee I guess we are chili came in they they took a look at everything from a poor health. Average hours of sleep oh look siege and you hit the so it's critical that every joint way down I think it's great that the least amount of mental health facilities per capita and I think I was sat talking about the number wine net. As far as the most stress Dayton. Taliban human does. I was gonna guess like new York and only one of the major metro areas you don't California with Los Angeles is not knowing New York is not even in the top ten most stressed out states Nile a whipped these off quick. Alabama Louisiana Mississippi West Virginia Kentucky New Mexico. Nevada. Georgia Tennessee Arkansas kinda surprised but I guess if there really digging in and looking at the things that bother. Most of us the most ate it would be those kinds of things that neither sleet and money and you haven't clicked Wisconsin where number 42. Minnesota where I'm. Is the top of the least stressed states our neighbor next to some it was chill out here in the stats yeah it's the next season beer.