Brain Strain

Wednesday, April 5th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all likes time for the world famous green screen question on the morning of Jerry bark. For opening day at Miller Park well when I go with a baseball question this morning. This happens 35 to forty times at every single Major League Baseball game. You're correct answer on the brain strain. Good for tickets for the long and winding road the music of McCurdy inland than. Perform my junior Witter on Sunday and sought prairie river arts center. To lay wanted one ID 49 tenths of the greens during question. I'm pretty strange to a 1149. And this happens at the ball screen Major League game 35 to forty times and regain. Thinkers. Curtis cool I would imagine if I I heard it and move it. And I hate to say it's probably been my dad when I was sitting next to him become who sat curiouser we appreciate your your. You're trying WLX rays strangely 11949. The number to call. If you don't know the answer to that question to Edwards 35 to forty times you know typical Major League Baseball team batters got out of about it thought. How Holler that's a good lunch CEO he's can had been their regular action. Nice drive man stays try W all likes brain strain on one out of 49 opening day of baseball question for you now percent to 35 to forty times the typical. Major League Baseball game. How old ball who. To drive Nancy out he'd try and yup. WL XP up to the race three persons born and they are probably good to wait 1194. Dollars and number you called so you must know the answer I owe it to our volunteer. Almost hit it not not it's not a no boom shoot W all I sprain strain to Elan 1949 is opening game you go to the game thermal. I don't know what I know you want all volatile next Sunday we send it to the music of Lennon McCartney the long and winding road to the Marshall would Jim Witter at peace talks. Prairie river arts center lecture prizes you can answer this question if this happens 3540 times the typical Major League Baseball. Our goal of the I lose ground and I was already off off Carla Howell here this is another good guess who appreciate Italy again not quite it's all. W all its brain strain wanna city to see the music of Lennon McCartney. Sylvia prairie river art center you wanna go don't you know we're do know OK once he answered that question this happens. Typical Major League game like the one we'll have the day 35 to forty times is and that's very strikeouts from whom could just Karl. Mean don't you like straight straight to wait long on one out of four and I got that her daughter and yet you called us at if you what's the answer that question 35 to forty times. Her Major League team this will happen. Oh it is to the impact that is exactly correct. And I'm only need. I what's your name in John he Johnny go to game today we are wrong but your words are now. Learn what I now own a. On bomber ranks wow. It is well how is your house your schedule look at next weekend John what do you not apple that's good man you got two tickets for the long and winding road is the music of Lennon and McCartney it sounds like the real thing Jim winner. Shows that the sun prairie river are senator John your goal is great news. Eat Beatles fans debate I don't monologue this is sounds just like I heard this on Friday I was like wow this sounds like The Beatles so you're gonna a lot of money. It.