McGaw In The Morning -Podcast .Vinyl is back

Thursday, March 30th


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Jim and I were just chatting about how cool. We remember vinyl records being and you know the more I look into this. The question is being asked. Our vinyl records did you get. And the wonderful answer is no. Now Warner of the big record label is getting back into the game to come launch Sheen he knew. It's only going to be albums is going to be called run out groove. And they say many others are already jumping on board because they believe vinyl records car. Not only the past but the future Jim how about that there's a solid film there is any final tennis or does that sort of reach warm solid. Are you from violence are not at their with the digital stuff. Mail we love the digital stuff downloads and the convenience for the finals got that kind of warmed to hash so I'm pretty nine DN 94 point nine WOLX. FaceBook page. I'm percent same record albums role. And I'm wondering what are your favorite things what he remembered liking about having albums. Did you have a favorites and are you looking forward to the humpback. Of Al wellness how cool. So I'll be sure to join us on via FaceBook page WOLX. Let's find one on the radio along time to I used to but all laugh. The real learned Netscape I would love to watch and yeah. There's no I'll hit the.