McGaw In The Morning- Podcast- Stong Coffee

Thursday, March 30th


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Let let me read you this quote as a description of a new product just out in the United States this fine morning borders on narcotic. That is she's just a description of a type of south African coffee. He can now get in the US it is supposed to be the strongest coffee in the world. Pour it out I don't know it's I'm looking up the information jammed and here's what it says. This is bonkers this isn't new coffee 300%. More caffeine. Than anything else you concurrently get in the United States 300% yeah yeah. They're talking like hand tremors. Kids. Let's come up do you get asked a lot of the things that many of us every morning are looking forward to because we really like her coffee like I. Now they said this is crazy they've done some lab tests. On it is called black insomnia. And they sent some of the coffee alongside several top rival coffee. 28 Swiss based lab company a global leader in verifying consumer product claims and visa samples. Made sure that you know they they just put this or some rigorous testing but the samples for around the south African coffee. Came out a way above black insomnia. And incredible seventeen and a half grams of caffeine I trust. Yet they call it what was the gold standard only had thirteen grams. And I yap so if you are looking for some serious. Caffeine in your coffee this is what you're looking for just coming to the US today is Terry we know that caffeine is he life's blood to the show oh my gosh without an actor. Obviously the weather on the corner covered up with my jacket you're at 300% more yeah high end and there's no war lean on DL labels so be known. Have fun and enjoy yeah. Drink it in the morning or put it in your car to fuel a true. No kidding one.