$1,000 Free Money Word

Are you tired of putting in 40 hours of work every week and only getting 40 hours of pay? How would you like to double dip and win your share of $300,000 with the $1,000 Free Money Word !? Listen to 94.9 WOLX for the cash code word week days 10 past every hour from 7a to 7p and text it to 72881 for...
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Jolly Jim's holiday gift sack is legendary around here. I've now been working with McGaw since January of this year, and though I've heard about this "big kid toys" give-away since I started; I could only imagine the excitement surrounding our listeners opportunity to reach in to Jolly Jim's...


How To Enter Our Miami Getaway!

Still not sure how to enter our Miami Giveaway! Here's a step-by-step for you!
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