Your New Best Friend

Meet all sorts of cute pets to adopt


Meet Your New Best Friend on WOLX!

Every Tuesday at 7:20 am, Ash Collins from the Dane County Humane Society stops by to introduce us to the cutest, fuzziest friends you'll ever love. You'll meet all sorts of cute pets to adopt and learn something new. 

Find out more about adopting any of these pets at the Dane County Humane Society.

This adult male cat is named Atomic Toaster. He'd love to join your nuclear family! 

Forrest is an adult male who has some challenges but will make a great companion.

Mildred is a sweet 4 month old shepherd mix who has a lot of energy and loves to snuggle.

Taz is a 2 year old kitty who is super curious and gets along great with kids and other pets

Bean is a sweet female shepherd mix who's just 2 months old but learning fast!