When Will Lake Mendota Freeze?

Annual Contest Under Way

December 4, 2018

Winter weather has definitely arrived! We've got the cold weather, but area lakes have not frozen over just yet.

When do you think that will happen?

Every year, the Clean Lakes Alliance sponsors a contest--with the first person to guess when Lake Mendota freezes over wins a prize. This year, it's a $1000 Land's End gift card. Enter the contest here.

The State Climatology Office makes the official call--and also keeps track of the freezing and thawing of our lakes. A quick look at the stats shows one really, really long winter. In the winter of 1880-81, the lake froze on November 3rd and didn't reopen until the third of May!

The Clean Lakes Alliance is a not-for-profit organization devoted to improving the water quality of the lakes, streams, and wetlands of the Yahara River Watershed. The annual Freze Contest is designed to draw attention to our lakes the the importance of them.