Your Response to an Area Hurricane Relief Concert

You came, you listened, you donated.

September 25, 2017

The recent Hurricane Relief Concert is being called a sweet success. And so far, it has been the only music-based show held in this area and meant to help support those in both Texas and Florida, hard-hit by the recent hurricanes. I was honored to host the evening, and we also enjoyed a song from those involved, live on-air, during McGaw in the Morning. 

Shawndell Marks performing at the Hurricane Relief Concert

Most amazing? The concert was pulled together in less than five days by two very busy artists:  Shawndell Marks and Lo Marie. Both told me they didn't know anyone personally impacted, but still felt a great need to help out. Add in Kelsey Miles as a third performer, and you have a recipe for a terrific fundraising show.

It's an example of something I've grown to love about the music community in Southern Wisconsin. If someone needs help, artists are often the first to step up. There's the annual Flannel Fest Show, organized by Madison musicians Erik Kjelland and Beth Kille. It supports the Keep Wisconsin Warm-Cool Fund to help the power stay on in the frigid winter or blazing summer months when a person may not otherwise be able to afford it. Karen Wheelock just hosted her 3rd Annual #ENDALZ Show, and has even written a song for a video dedicated to her Mom's own fight with Alzheimer's disease. And there are many others who simply give their talent and time because it is the best way they know how to help. We are really lucky to have this kind of support here from the music community.

Shawndell and Lo's show is over, but the relief effort continues through Lo's foundation:

Lo Marie Foundation
c/o SoulSong Productions, Inc.
PO Box 253
Reedsburg, WI  53959

All donations go to Direct Relief | Humanitarian Medical Aid, a medical relief non-profit. The ladies did some research, and liked what they found which is why they picked it. Thank you to all of you who support the talented musicians in our area, and especially those who are using their voices to try and make the world a better place.