Your answers: If You Could Sit on a Bench & Talk to Anyone for 1-Hour, Who Would it Be?

Your answers: If You Could Sit on a Bench & Talk to Anyone for 1-Hour, Who Would it Be?

March 2, 2018
McGaw in the Morning if you could sit on a bench & talk to anyone who would it be

It's one of those topics that just came up in conversation the other day.

Jim and I were talking about some of our favorite musicians played on WOLX, but especially our favorites who had recently died -- like Tom Petty, Prince, and Glen Frey.

A few people joined our discussion, which eventually turned to many of us saying, "I wish I would've had the chance to talk with them," and Jim adding, "I wish I could still have the chance to talk to alot of people!"

It made me think:  if I could sit and have a conversation with anyone for 1 hour, who would it be? Jim and I decided to ask YOU -- first on-air, and then on Facebook -- and your answers have been amazing! So many of you, like me, would love to have another opportunity to talk with someone in your family. Some of you have celebrities, alive and dead, on your list. And of course there's the musicians. 

Jim and I decided, after reading what we'd gathered from you, we couldn't keep this to ourselves. So, we are sharing your responses below, and thank you for being so thoughful with your answers. As Auliq-Ice says, "The traits, character or riches you may admire in another, are most times, secretly embedded inside of you."

Barry Pritchard:  God .

Misty Thompson:  My father-in-law. And then I’d give my husband my seat.

Lynne Jones:  My mum. I would ask why she left so suddenly

Janet Olive:  My dear sweet mum; before she sadly got dementia and died 9 years ago ----

Helen Downer:  My husband, my mom, and my dad. Miss them all.

Rob Conant:  My mother. She died 20 years ago and we have a lot to talk about.

Rebecca Bryant:  My grandmother, in a heartbeat -- there is so much I would tell her

Kay Brooker:  My dad to tell him about his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and how we miss him..

Kim Beatty:  God, my mom, my granddaughter

Penny Marie Maggard:  My dad...who is in Heaven

Nancy Gibson:  I need a bigger bench.

Bruce Workman:  Elton John or Bill Clinton

Mariclare Wagenblast Halladay:  My Dad

Leilahall Stout:  My son. We lost him last month.

John Jurdzis:  Eric Cantona

Kimberly McGannon:  My grandmothers!

Gerald Lewis:  Vincent Price.

Marshall Pierce:  Mr. Magoo.

Leola Clarke:  My Dad

Cory J. Hertel:  Forrest, Forrest Gump, because he would have all the answers to solve this country's problems.