Why KISS is still the Hottest Band in the World

Fireworks, smoke, confetti, and just great rock 'n roll; a KISS show is thrilling to experience

August 22, 2017
Teri meets KISS, 2004

If you know me, even a little bit, you probably know I like the band KISS. 

Ok, let's be real. I love the band KISS, and have for many years. I just saw the group live, again; this time at a small river-side park in Aurora, Illinois with my husband and his brother -- both fellow KISS lovers. But this show was special thanks to new fans in the 6000-strong crowd. Many, like our sister-in-law, had never seen KISS live on stage before, and could only anticipate what to expect as the announcer kicked it all off by saying, "You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world... KISS!" The curtain dropped, and the guys -- founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, along with long-time band-mates Tommy Thayer (lead guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) -- took the stage to explosions with flames shooting into the air, the opening notes of the song Deuce being played very loud and clear. Jumping up and down next to me was a middle-aged man who'd waited his whole life to see KISS. A twenty-something guy was on our other side, and though wearing makeup matching Gene Simmons, neither he nor his girlfriend had seen the band before this night. 

A KISS show is something to experience. It takes over every single one of your senses, and makes you want even more from the group, who on this night, played several solid hours despite the humid 88-degree temperature. Paul runs across the stage, dancing like a 25-year-old, never acting like his true age of 65; while Gene, who is two years older, is still breathing fire, spitting blood, and belting out the classic hits. Eric, who has been with KISS since 1992, and Tommy since 2002, are a few years younger. And though not the original Spaceman or Catman, many fans have embraced the unique talents these two men have brought to the band -- to both emulate what made KISS great right away, but also to add some spice to recent new music put out by KISS. Some fans want to argue about the addition of Tommy and Eric, but you will not get a fight from me. I enjoy equally, the various renditions of the band, and am honestly just thrilled to be able to continue to see KISS live.

I was fortunate to meet my #1 band, and the photo of me with the group (taken in 2004), says it all. It was a dream come true. A moment I'll never forget. There have been individual encounters as well, including a book signing event for Gene in NYC, one for Paul in Las Vegas, and photos at a KISS Army Expo with Eric in Indy. The thing that sticks with me is how kind the guys have always been, and how they left me hopeful for another chance to meet; or another schedule of shows to enjoy. It won't last forever, but until there are more future changes, I am going to continue to love the hottest band in the world... KISS.