Today Is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. Let's take a peek in there...

Clean Out Your Fridge -- Just in Time for Thanksgiving!

November 15, 2018
Today Is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day .Let's take a peek in there...

It's National Clean Out Your Fridge Day.  And even though it's kind of a dumb idea for a holiday, it may actually not be such a bad thing. It may be the best day to get your co-workers to help get all their super old stuff out of the fridge you all share.

Or as McGaw told all of us this morning, his brother did a super-duper clean of the fridge where they live (Jim says, "I thought I was at the wrong house!"), but his clean out was all in preparation for Thanksgiving meal preparation and left-overs.

So we started asking, and doing a little research to learn about some of the oldest things found in a fridge.

Here are some of the best ones, so far:

  1. "Wet soggy cucumber. It's almost decomposed, and has brown liquid all around it."
  2. "I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it's wrapped in foil, and has been there for long enough that I'm not sure I could take it in a fight."
  3. "A packet of Taco Bell roasted salsa from like 2010."
  4. "I cleaned out my parents' refrigerator [last year], and found a few commemorative cans of Bud Light from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics." 

McGaw and I are going to do a little digging, er, cleaning today. And if you do too, let us know what you find.