Our Royal Wedding Watch. It isn't so royal. Jim and Teri talk about why our 80s Prom will be better...

The Queen would NOT approve

May 15, 2018
Royal Wedding Watch

Are YOU getting caught up in the Royal Wedding hype?

We are... but we are also digging far beneath the excitement to share some tidbits about the big day ahead for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It's stuff you probably haven't heard anywhere else; and we're talking about things like no short-sleeves allowed. Or, did you know, only a few pieces of cake will be eaten at the wedding reception? Yup. A piece of cake is mailed to guests who attended the wedding as a way of saying, "Thank you

LISTEN, below. Then join us for our own party -- the 80s PROM! We can probably find a TV somewhere if you really must keep watching the the wedding celebration...


Royal Wedding Watch. Jim and Teri talk about it. The Queen would NOT approve

LISTEN:  Jim and Teri talk about the Royal Wedding Watch. We're pretty sure the Queen would not approve.