LISTEN: Police in Wisconsin Raise the Bar on National Lip-Sync Challenge, Jim & Teri Share What has Everyone Talking about It

July 16, 2018
LISTEN: Wisconsin Police Raise the Bar on the National Lip-Sync Challenge

Have you heard about the lip-sync challenge being issued by police departments to other law enforcement officials all across the country?

It's been gaining steam after it started in Texas, and highlights officers basically lip-syncing to a popular song, while driving around in a squad car. Each department receiving the challenge, seemed to take it to a new level.

Well, until it reached Fond du Lac. Police weren't challeged by someone else to do it, but wanted to challenge a few other area departments, so decided to really step up the competition by adding their own voices -- and harmony -- to a song from the musical movie, "The Greatest Showman." You can see it, here.

It's pretty awesome, and really entertaining.

But it gets even better. Fond du Lac Officers Steve Olson and Erik Foster may be singing while cruising the city, but Foster's Aunt, Debbie Kolins of Randolph, tells Jim and I her nephew and his police performance partner are both in bands that are well-known across the area. Olson is the lead singer in Boogie and the Yo-Yoz, and Foster along with the criminal in the back (who is actually Officer Matt Crowder), are in the band Driftwood. These officers are meant for a challenge like this one! Kolins, who is super proud of the effort says, "The idea is to show the human side of law enforcement. And like anyone else, officers are more than just the badge they wear to keep the public safe."

You can hear Jim and I talk about it below.

Meantime, the Fond du Lac officers have now issued their own challenge to both the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department, and Appleton Police. Stay tuned to learn if either can notch up this challenge even further, and if any departments from our listening area decide to get involved. We do know Kolins is hoping Lake Delton Police will step up because she tells us there's another officer there who has quite a voice for this type of thing.