Happy "Just Because" Day? Jim & Teri have Ideas for Celebrating, But 1 Listener Beats Us to It

The day exists so why not do something (or nothing), "just because?!"

August 27, 2018
LISTEN:  Happy "Just Because" Day! Jim & Teri have ideas for celebrating and share 'em in 94 seconds.  But our listener, Jack, calls in to tell us how he already beat all of us to it... just because!

Happy "Just Because" Day! Jim and I talked about this holiday most people don't recognize, but realized, it could be alot of fun to do whatever you want, "just because!"

We have a few ideas for celebrating, and share 'em in 94 seconds, below. But then our friend and listener, Jack, calls in to tell us how he's already beat all of us to the celebration... just because!  It's pretty funny stuff.

Need a few more ideas? Here's a variety:

- Compliment your neighbors on their yard
- Buy lunch for a friend or coworker
- Call your parents or children and tell them you love them
- Walk in circles all day
- Speak only in questions
- Wear a hat
- Leave positive messages on sticky-notes everywhere

Really, you can do whatever you want because.. it's "Just Because Day!" It means you don't need an excuse to be nice or be weird, or be whatever you want to be.

LISTEN, below:  It's your national day, so, do what you want. -Teri