Behind the Scenes with Award Winning Illusionist Jay Owenhouse on WOLX

Complete Q & A Only on WOLX with Jim & Teri: Saving Big Cats, Performance Injuries & What to Expect at Jay's Only Madison Show

August 24, 2018
LISTEN: Interview with Award Winning Illusionist Jay Owenhouse!

If you go to a Jay Owenhouse show, don't be surprised when he asks the audience to get involved. It's just one way the award winning "Authentic Illusionist" enjoys sharing his love of magic, a profession he first became interested in when he was 6 years old.

Jim and I talked exclusively with Jay, just before his only show in the Madison area. He tells us, along with involving the audience, his family is part of the show and helps him pull-off the exciting, yet dangerous illusions he has become know for performing, despite being hurt doing Houdini's iconic straight jacket escape. You'll want to listen to the interview, below, to hear how the trick works, and why he ended up with injuries. Don't worry. It won't stop him from doing it at the show in Madison!

There's another part of Jay's performance, and it's very special to him, and we learned when we asked him about his two Bengal Tigers; Shekinah is a rare white Bengal, and Sheena is a traditional orange Bengal. Both have been with his family at the sanctuary they own since they were young. Along with magic, saving tigers from extinction -- especially due to poaching -- is part of his life's work. He tells Jim and I it's a big reason he often includes Shekinah and Sheena in the show as a way to educate the public, while creating awareness about conservation efforts. He also donates some proceeds of the ticket sales to this work.

I'm not kidding. If Jim and I were at all skeptical about talking to an illusionist, Jay fully changed our mind about the art of magic, and everything else he is doing along with it. If you won tickets to the show via our Brain Strain trivia, we look forward to seeing you there. If you did not, there are still a few tickets available, and you can learn more, here. 

LISTEN, below, to our exclusive Interview with Award Winning Illusionist Jay Owenhouse! He talks about his inspiration behind wanting to save the big cats, his Injuries while performing a Houdini trick, and what you can expect at his only Madison show.