12 Days of Christmas Give-aways with McGaw in the Morning

Listen as Bill Castillo of Madison learns he is winner #1

November 20, 2017
Listen as Bill Castillo learns he is winner #1

12 Days of Christmas Give-aways on McGaw in the Morning

Jolly Jim's holiday gift sack is legendary around here. I've now been working with McGaw since January of this year, and though I've heard about this "big kid toys" give-away since I started; I could only imagine the excitement surrounding our listeners opportunity to reach in to Jolly Jim's sack for a holiday prize.

Until today.

It was just as much fun as I imagined when we told caller #9, Bill Castillo of Madison, to grab a gift.

Give it a listen. And wait for it, because Jim has to "correct" the kind of toys we may or may not be giving away. Whoops.



It could be an Apple Watch, an Amazon Echo, a trip to Las Vegas from Frontier Airlines, and more...