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Bob Seger Releases New Song About Glenn Frey

Bob Seger has released a touching new song about his close friend, the late Glenn Frey. The two had history together since the 60's and Seger was reportedly devastated at Frey's passing. You can listen to the song here . Read More

Last Man On The Moon Passes

Those of us who grew up during the race for the moon will feel this loss more than most. During a time when the nation nearly tore itself apart because of racial inequality and war, the raw courage and smarts of the men who strapped themselves into metal tubes sitting atop a barely controlled... Read More

Joe & Troy Bashing: Missing The Point

With the Packers on a roll, the long-running distaste for the Fox Sports booth team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman is rolling back to the top of the trending list. When you take the time to look, you discover that this is neither a new, nor a Packer-fan only, phenomenon. It may seem like Cheeseheads... Read More

Fab Four Christmas?

Ever had a musical "What if?" You know, like "what if Elvis did a duet with Springsteen", or "what if ELO did a song with Justin Timberlake?". Yeah, I know... it gets weird pretty fast. But... what if the Beatles had done a Christmas album? Well... The Fab 4 tribute band wondered the same thing,... Read More

Jingo Jango

The problem with instrumentals is that, unless the title is WAY obvious, there's a good chance the song will disappear into obscurity. That's the case with Bert Kaempfert's 1963 holiday classic "Jingo Jango". Rising to #8 on the Billboard Christmas chart, it's a good bet every boomer heard this... Read More

Remember The Christmas Dream?

In 1974, Andrew Lloyd Weber & Tim Rice (Yup, the Phantom of the Opera guys, among others...) wrote the score for a movie called The Odessa File. A movie about intrigue and former Nazis, it is widely looked upon as a classic thriller for its day. The taut and engaging movie contains a holiday... Read More