What Can Brown Do For You

Alexa's Got Skills

July 28, 2017

Every week that passes, my Amazon Echo & Dot continue to surprise with all the things these intelligent speakers can do. Case in point...

A LOT of people, myself included, sleep with a fan on, even in winter. Something about the sort of white noise a fan generates that sets an audio "set point" that keeps other little noises from jarring you awake in the middle of the night. But white noise isn't the only kind of noise that can lull you to sleep.

While going through Alexa's sleep sounds skill, she listed off "Brown Noise" as one of the sounds available. Intrigued, I asked Alexa to play Brown Noise. Wow! 

If you're a fan of the Star Trek TV shows, the ones after the original series, you know that starship ambience always includes a kind of low hum that indicates the ship is functional and in motion. Almost the same as that constant low hum that accompanies your flight on a jetliner. For me, that jetliner hum is the audio equivalent of knockout gas. Once we're in the air, a nap is inevitable. Yup. I'm that guy who sleeps through his flight.

So... imagine my joy when Alexa fired up Brown Noise and I instantly recognized the low familiar hum that knocks me out faster than watching golf on TV. If you like a fan on when you sleep, give your fan a rest and let Alexa lull you to dreamland with Brown Noise. I love it! You may too. "Alexa, play Brown Noise."  ZZZZzzzzz....