Spin Control...

June 20, 2017

By the time the lastest craze gets to me, it's usually over. I'm not complaining. My "one of the last to know" credentials where fads are concerned has saved me a metric ton of cash over the years. 

As with all fads, some I get, some I don't. This spinner thing makes perfect sense to me, especially if, like some suggest, it helps folks with ADHD and the like. 

If you haven't heard, and in case you haven't gotten one yet, the wizards at Google have come to the rescue. Just type SPINNER into the Google search bar and you'll be rewarded with your very own on-screen spinner to while away the time. Or you can just click here.

For those of us for whom The Spinners means something else entirely, here's another way to enjoy... Enjoy! - Mo