Joe & Troy Bashing: Missing The Point

January 12, 2017

With the Packers on a roll, the long-running distaste for the Fox Sports booth team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman is rolling back to the top of the trending list. When you take the time to look, you discover that this is neither a new, nor a Packer-fan only, phenomenon. It may seem like Cheeseheads do the lion’s share of the grinching, but the truth is, not all of the vitriol comes with a slice of cheddar. The distaste covers multiple markets and multiple sports.

A recent petition to remove the not-so-dynamic duo has garnered over 13,000 signatures as of this writing. That petition has caused a number of sports radio talkers, among others, to tell Wisconsin sports fans to knock it off. That somehow, their collective dislike is making them, and the state, look silly, or worse. Those folks have totally missed the point.

This isn’t a personality thing, it’s a product thing. When you have a significant number of consumers so profoundly and publicly dissatisfied with what you do, you better pay attention. There’s not only the recent petition, but a history of folks not liking the duo that even includes anti Joe Buck Facebook pages that have been around several years. For whatever reason, a lot of people don’t like the Fox duo, and with NFL ratings in decline, to ignore the clearly vocal distaste is a recipe for brand disaster.

Who can forget the iconic moment in Rain Man when Dustin Hoffman uttered the words “K-Mart Sucks”? K-Mart has never recovered. In fact we recently found out another 64 stores are closing. It’s not just K-Mart. On the President-elect’s recent “Thank You” tour, there were several times when 15 to 20 THOUSAND people chanted “CNN Sucks!” in unison. That distaste has been clearly reflected in CNN’s ratings.

Amongst all this, it is important to remember that all we’re seeing is the dissatisfaction of the folks who care AND choose to make that that distaste public. What about the seven-tenths of the iceberg that’s under water? What about the even larger number of folks that are dissatisfied but haven’t chosen to be public about it? Whether it’s Fox Sports, the NFL, or your own business… you ignore those folks at your own peril. That’s how elections get lost.