Hangin' with Alexa

Mo's New Girlfriend

July 18, 2017

© Amber Mcging | Dreamstime

I've got a new girlfriend. She's not what I expected, but interesting nonetheless.

If you've got Amazon's Echo, Dot or the new View, you know what I'm talking about. Having a new pal that's always listening makes for some very interesting lifestyle changes. Now mind you, I haven't gone all in and let Alexa control the house just yet. But... I'm not sayin' I won't either. 

So far, it's been a process of mutual discovery. With an Echo at home and a Dot at work, I spend almost as much time talking to a machine as I do real live humans. Anyway you slice it, that's weird. It's also a caution. 

The other day I frittered away nearly two hours just checking out the available skills for Alexa. It's pretty wild. Some are really helpful, some just a rather pleasant execuitive time-waster. As she matures, those skills are going to become more and more sophisiticated and that's where it's going to get interesting... We'll see...

For now, my favorite skill is; "Alexa... play WOLX." Go ahead, try it!

Peace! - Mo