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What Can Brown Do For You

Every week that passes, my Amazon Echo & Dot continue to surprise with all the things these intelligent speakers can do. Case in point... A LOT of people, myself included, sleep with a fan on, even in winter. Something about the sort of white noise a fan generates that sets an audio "set point... Read More

Hangin' with Alexa

I've got a new girlfriend. She's not what I expected, but interesting nonetheless. If you've got Amazon's Echo, Dot or the new View, you know what I'm talking about. Having a new pal that's always listening makes for some very interesting lifestyle changes. Now mind you, I haven't gone all in and... Read More

Spin Control...

By the time the lastest craze gets to me, it's usually over. I'm not complaining. My "one of the last to know" credentials where fads are concerned has saved me a metric ton of cash over the years. As with all fads, some I get, some I don't. This spinner thing makes perfect sense to me, especially... Read More

Coolest Hollywood Tribute Ever?

It could be the one of the coolest Hollywood goodbyes ever. Tonight, at 9pm Pacific, the city of Los Angeles will bid a final official farewell to the late Adam West by flashing the Bat Signal on the side of City Hall for the whole town to see. For those of us who grew up with the original Caped... Read More

Car Tunes - Walk of Life

Before I pull the ripchord, drop the top and drive off into this fabulous Wisconsin sunshine, I wanted to share one of the tunes that always gets turned way up in the convertible. I remember the first time I saw the video on MTV with the sports bloopers. Couldn't get enough. Still can't. Gotta be... Read More

Billy Joel Sang With Who?

Some folks forget, that Kevin's got some pipes! Video of Billy Joel and Kevin Spacey - New York State Of Mind Video Categories: 94.9 WOLX Read More

Shoveling Breakthrough of the Century

What if I told you that there was a ridiculously easy way to shovel snow without wrecking your back? And what If I told you it was smack your forehead obvious and cheap? Well it's true. Check this video out. You'll never shovel the same way again! Best two minutes I ever spent... - Mo Video of How... Read More

Infinite Bell

Among the hazards of the web are the infinite number of rabbit holes you can explore, losing who knows how many hours in the process. Taco Bell's new Naked Chicken Chalupa sounded pretty odd and I couldn't resist a detour to the Taco Bell website. So... when you arrive at the Taco Bell website and... Read More

The Truth Is Funny

14M Views for a reason. All great comedy is rooted in the truth. These guys nailed it. <sorry...> Video of It&#039;s Not About The Nail Read More