UPDATE for Wednesday, September 5, 2018: More Roads Closed due to Flooding, Schools Delayed or Closed

Flood Watches, Warnings Remain Across the Listening Area

September 4, 2018
UPDATE for Wednesday, September 5, 2018:  More Roads Closed due to Flooding, Schools Delayed or Closed

UPDATE for Wednesday, September 5, 2018:  More Roads Closed due to Flooding, Schools Delayed or Closed,

Officials in counties across the listening area say flood watches and warnings remain in effect as flooding continues, including cities along the Baraboo River (as pictured near Baraboo in Sauk County).

Here is the updated list of roads closed as of Wednesday at noon. You can also find the latest, here.

Sauk County

  • WIS 33, Closed, at Albert Street in Reedsburg, water over road
  • WIS 33, Closed, Wonewoc (Juneau Co) to LaValle, water over road
  • WIS 58, Closed, CTH G (Ironton) to WIS 33 (LaValle)
  • WIS 136, Closed, WIS 33 (East of Reedsburg) to WIS 154 (Rock Springs)
  • WIS 154, Closed, WIS 23 (South of Reedsburg) to WIS 136 (Rock Springs), water over road

Crawford County

  • WIS 131, Closed, WIS 60 to Stueben, water over roadway, (segment shortened)
  • WIS 171, Closed, WIS 27 (Mt Sterling) to WIS 131 (Gays Mills), water over road
  • WIS 171, Closed, WIS 131 (Gays Mills) to US 61 (Rolling Ground), slope/pavement failure

Dane County

  • US 14, Closed, Black Earth Bridges, (Detour: north on WIS 78, east on US 12, back to US 14)

City of Madison

  • East Johnson Street is closed in both directions between North Baldwin Street and Fordem Avenue.
  • The right lane is closed on inbound E Washington Ave at N Livingston St.
  • The right lane is closed on outbound E Washington Ave at South Blount St.
  • North First Street has one lane open between East Washington Avenue and East Johnson Street.
  • E Main St is closed from the Yahara River to Northern Court.
  • Livingston St & Mifflin St
  • Mifflin St is closed between Blount St and Paterson St.
  • Marston Ave is closed between E Johnson St and Sherman Ave
  • W Main St is closed to through traffic between Proudfit St and Brittingham Pl.
  • Brittingham Pl is closed to through traffic between Proudfit St and W Main St.

Juneau County

  • USH 12, Closed, CTH N at Mauston to Cassidy Rd (3.0 miles west of Lyndon Station), water over road

Marquette County

  • WIS 22 is closed at the Main Street bridge over the Montello River in Montello; traffic detoured via WIS 33, WIS 44 and WIS 73.

Richland County

  • WIS 56, Closed, River Rd at Viola to WIS 80 (north of Richland Center), water over road
  • WIS 80, Closed, 6th Street (Richland Center) to CTH A, water over road
  • WIS 80, Closed, CTH DD to CTH CC, water over road
  • WIS 131, Closed, WIS 56 (Viola) to WIS 82 (LaFarge), water over road (extends into Vernon Co.)

Vernon County

  • WIS 33, Closed, Garden St to Brey Valley Road in Ontario, water over road
  • WIS 56, Closed, at WIS 35 to Eagle St in Genoa, Mudslide with debris across road, will remain closed overnight
  • WIS 56, Closed, CTH SS to CTH S (Liberty), water over road with pavement damage
  • WIS 56/131, Closed, Commercial St to Railroad St (Viola), water over road
  • WIS 80, Closed, Pine Hill Rd to Kouba Valley Rd, (1.3 miles south of Hillsboro), water over road
  • WIS 33/80/82, Closed, CTH HH to CTH WW (just east of Hillsboro, water over road
  • WIS 82, Closed, Kickapoo River to N Mills St (La Farge), water over road
  • WIS 131, Closed, CTH S to Viola, pavement damage
  • WIS 131, Closed, WIS 82 in LaFarge to Lieurance Rd (1.2 miles south of LaFarge), water over road (extends into Richland Co.)
  • WIS 131, Closed, Rockton to Ontario due to water over the roadway with pavement damage (Detour:east on WIS 82 (out of LaFarge), west on WIS 33 back to WIS 131)
  • WIS 162, Closed, USH 14 in Coon Valley to CTH N (north of Coon Valley), water and debris over road

More school districts have been added to the delayed or closed list, including Montello, which is now shut down for the rest of the week. Here's the updated list:

  • Hillsboro Schools Delayed 2 hours Wednesday
  • Ithaca Schools Closed Wednesday
  • Montello Schools Closed Wednesday, also closed Thursday and Friday
  • Prairie du Chien Schools Delayed 2 hours Wednesday
  • Reedsburg Schools Closed Wednesday
  • Richland Schools Closed Wednesday
  • Royall Schools in Elroy Delayed 2 hours Wednesday
  • Weston Schools Closed Wednesday


Update for Tuesday, September 4, 2018:

Authorities say there is major flooding along the Baraboo River near Baraboo (pictured), Reedsburg, and Rock Springs. Home damage assessments begin across Sauk County today. Emergency Management officials say they will be in Reedsburg and the LaValle area Tuesday, Rock Springs and North Freedom Wednesday, and the Baraboo area onThursday. Officials suggest if you have been affected by flooding, call 608-355-3200 to report flood damage.

Flood warnings and watches remain across the entire listening area.

These schools are closed today:

  • Hillsboro Schools
  • Mauston Schools
  • Montello Schools
  • Prairie du Chien Schools
  • Reedsburg Schools (Except for high school Freshmen)
  • Richland Schools
  • Royall Schools in Elroy

Roads are closed in Madison. Here is the latest list, and you can check for updates, here.

  • East Washington Avenue has one lane closed in each direction
  • North First Street is closed between East Washington Avenue and East Johnson Street
  • North Livingston Street is closed between East Washington Avenue and East Dayton Street.
  • South Livingston Street is closed south of East Washington Avenue due to construction.
  • Inbound Packers Avenue is closed at Aberg Avenue to route traffic to East Washington Avenue (due to the detour around North First Street)

Lake Monona is more than 8-inches above the 100-year flood level. There is flooding into yards, but so far no roads are closed. You'll find important updates, here.

A long list of roads remain closed in Richland County, and more flooding is being reported early Tuesday morning:

  • Hwy 80 from County DD to County CC
  • County CC at Soules Creek
  • County II between County I and Corwin Ridge Road
  • County V by Germantown
  • County I just east of Hwy 80
  • County C from Hwy 80 to Yuba
  • County D at Rockbridge to Blood Lane
  • County DD south of County D
  • County G between Bosstown and County E
  • County E at Hood Hollow
  • Hwy 56 from Hwy 80 to Viola
  • Hwy 58 from County S to Cazenovia