CityMD Mistakenly Told 15,000 People With Coronavirus Antibodies They're Immune

May 12, 2020

CityMD, an urgent care provider, acknowledged a mistake that it made with thousands of patients.

The company mistakenly told 15,000 individuals in New York and New Jersey who tested positive for coronavirus antibodies that they are immune to the virus reported CNBC.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, public health officials have reported that they do not know yet whether antibodies give people immunity to reinfection of the virus.

People who logged into their patient portal to see their online results saw the wrong statement. CityMD said that this mistake was an “editing error” and the company fixed the issue.

Matt Gove, a spokesman for the company, said: “Due to an editing error in the patient portal, some CityMD patients have received incorrect information saying a positive result on the COVID-19 antibody test confers immunity.”

Since the error, Gove said the company has removed the incorrect language and has been contacting patients to ensure that they have the right information.

City MD has more than 100 urgent care centers in New York and New Jersey. The company says it provides patients with “accurate information during in-person consultations and elsewhere.”

Gove urged patients getting the COVID-19 antibody test received several documents. Those documents explain that a positive result does not mean they are immune to COVID-19.

CityMD says it apologizes for any “confusion this has created.”

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